Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nippy Goes to Madrid

Wherever Lauren and I go, Nippy usually has to come along for the sake of CKI. I think these are the best photos as of yet. Check them out!
I forgot Who this King is
Plaza Mayor

The Oldest Restaurant in the world!!!

In front of the Suicide Bridge (and no I'm not making that up)!

In front of the old City Wall

The Bear and the Tree statue. The Symbol of Madrid!

Nippy and some nips lol

At the Opera House

I forgot who this guy is too lol!

At the Royal Palace

In front of the Cathedral

Where all the roads lead to in Spain

At the Congreso

Nippy and Cervantes

Nippy and Goya

In front of Museo del Prado

Some Sculpture in the Park

The Lake in the Park

I don't know the official name, but in front of Archways

In Plaza del Sol after a long day...
In two weeks we're going to London, so be excited for that!!!


  1. Well, you have been to Madrid, my city! I am glad you have enjoyed it, I didn't know Nippy was such a great traveller. The name of Archways is Puerta de Alcalá. By the way, do you know that my father worked in Botin, the oldest restaurant in the world, for 44 years? (now he is a placid retired man who spends half year resting on the Mediterranean coast). Hugs for the three!

  2. i love this blog! i mean, it makes me hate you a little bit that you are there and i am not...BUT i am so glad you have this opportunity!

    keep up the amazing pictures...including Nippy :)


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