Sunday, March 6, 2011

There are too many grenades here...

For only having a very short two-day weekend, I’ve done more then I usually do.  I decided since I had only one class at 1 p.m. that going to El Camborio was a great idea.
I’ve said this before but I was so annoyed that I have to reiterate this. Spanish men are so lame. They’re short and creepy and don’t understand the word “no.” I’m not trying to be shallow, but they just aren’t my type. I like manly men, not wimpy ones with turtle neck sweaters and super tight pants.
There were probably the creepiest guys that have ever been there on a Thursday night. Not to mention, the same guy who tried to take me home last week was there again and was quite persistent again this week. Not gonna happen buddy!
Friday I slept til 12:30, which was just enough time to do my homework and get to class by 1 p.m. After class I got a whole lot accomplished for being so sleep deprived. GGL baby! (gym, grocery shopping and laundry lol)
Our friends Lizzie, Valerie, Emily and Marianela had a party Friday, so we decided we could handle another late night. It was fun because there were a lot of kids from CLM there that we hadn’t hung out with outside of class. Then a couple of Brits and an Australian guy showed up and we played the Australian version, of ride the bus, which is way more “intense” than our version.
Saturday Lauren, Lizzie and I went to our first European football game. Since last semester all I wanted to do was see either Real Madrid of FC Barcelona. I’ve been trying to decide what team I should root for, but I’m afraid if I pick the wrong one, someone is gonna murder me in the street. 
Going to see one of those two teams would have been amazing, but those tickets cost 600 euro, which is a whole months worth of rent, utilities, food plus an arm and a leg. So taking the bus across town and paying a thrifty 20-euro for Granada CF against Salamanca tickets was our only option. 

Taking the bus was longer than we thought. In typical fashion we made things harder on ourselves. We took the bus the wrong way, which wouldn’t have been bad but they made us pay a second time, since we didn’t get off at the last stop. That’s one thing I don’t like about Europe in general, they like to charge people for the most obscure things.
Another thing we forgot to check was the weather. It was sunny and warm that morning, but as the day progressed it got cloudy and cold. So by the time the game was over my toes were numb.
It was a very disappointing first game experience. Granada lost 1-0, and for some weird reason, we don’t remember Salamanca scoring. There was never a time the crowd was super pissed that would lead me to believe that Granada was losing until I looked behind our seats at the scoreboard. Europeans take their “football” very seriously and they get mad for every little mistake their team makes so I don’t know how I could have missed that.
We were gonna go to another club Saturday night called Mae West, but everyone was too tired from 2+ nights of fun so we decided to all relax. 
We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon learning about science at the Parque de Ciencias. At first I wasn’t really interested, but it was actually really cool. There were a lot of interactive exhibits that we played in and we got to mingle with great scientists, 

like Einstein...

                                                                                                                                                              Marie Curie...

... and Charles Darwin. 
The only thing I didn’t like was the bird exhibit. Yes friends, these were live birds and like I said in my previous post, I am not a fan of flying things with feathers.

We finished the afternoon at Dunkin Coffee. I swear I’m really trying to stick to budget, so I told myself I wouldn’t get anything unless they had the Chocolate and hazelnut fantasy donut that my friends Bryce is in love with, but they had and it was worth the 2,40 euro.  
This was a great donut! It consisted of mouth-watering vanilla icing with dark and white chocolate shavings and nutella cream splooging out of the sides.  It was a great investment and as long as I don’t but food until I go to London this next weekend I’ll be fine lol!
Palabra del día: it's more of a phrase this week that comes from a song by Pitbull: No yo quiero agua, yo quiero bebida. I don't want water, I want to drink. So Thursday night at El Camborio, I was really thirsty and tired so at three in the morning, so I ordered a glass of water. After the bartender gave me a dirty look, this song came on. Talk about irony.


  1. You are quite welcome for a) being the grenade blocker and b) the donut :D

  2. Sometimes you have to jump on a grenade.


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