Monday, March 7, 2011

Nippy learns about Science!

I would like to take this time to congratulate the UNM CKI club for kicking ass at the District Convention. They won almost all the awards and two out of three new district officers are from UNM. Way to show that we’re the best club ever!

Nippy also had a good weekend. To celebrate the success of our club's success, we went to the Parque de Ciencias yesterday and this is what he did.
Nippy with Einstein

A really big desk
Our new friend Fred
This is a woman's pelvis
This is a whale's heart
Learning about sex! Stay safe everyone!
A human brain
The view from the tower
The earth's mantle
A big-ass giraffe!!!
Helping out Marie Curie
A big-ass propeller 
Some big-ass chess pieces!
Taking a ride on a Galapagos turtle
Having a very intellectual conversation with Charles Darwin about finches and evolution and other stuff the Pope doesn't believe in.

This upcoming weekend, Lauren and I are going to London, where Nippy will eat tea and crumpets, while riding a double-decker bus, after he heckles some funny looking guards at Buckingham Palace. So be excited for that…

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  1. LOL I love you Tamale Caliente! Your Hilarious, looks like Nippy is having a blast. I hope you are too! I miss you a ton but I am so happy that your on an exploration, wish I was there! Hasta Luego y te quiero mucho mi amiga mejor :) (I have no idea if I said any of that right but I hope you get my point)


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