Saturday, March 26, 2011

Are you wearing earrings? Cause I think one is jamming into my skull...

Ronda at Night
I would like to start out by saying how incredibly infuriated I am with my school!!! Lauren and I were signed up through our school’s website to go on a day trip to a place called Ronda. I don’t know too much about it except it’s really beautiful and they have a bull-fighting museum. I signed up, and paid with credit card about a month ago. I checked to make sure I was still signed up last week and everything looked fine. Last night, before we went out to meet some friends, I checked the website and guess what? It wasn’t showing up on my list of activities. Lauren checked hers and she wasn’t signed up either. We figured that the CLM website had another glitch (things like this have happened to us before) and it was nothing to worry about.
What we would've seen in Ronda
The trip was scheduled to leave at 7:30, which meant I had to wake up at the early hour of 6 a.m. to have enough time to get ready and eat breakfast. Do you know how long it’s been since I woke up that early? I don’t.
Lauren and I get to the meeting place and we got a big surprise! Our names weren’t on the list! Perfect.
I’m not too bummed about not seeing Ronda, because it’s close enough to see if to go any weekend, but I am pissed that I had to make up an ungodly hour just to be told I couldn’t go. I’m used to schools not having their shit together (I got to UNM, which is famous for fucking up) but this is just ridiculous! Ever since I’ve been here it’s been one thing after another; my classes, access to my student page and now this! I signed up for this trip before most of these douchebags. As of now my credit card hasn’t been charged, but if it is, heads will roll.
The rest of the week hasn’t been too eventful. I spent most of the week studying for midterms.
Last Sunday, Lauren and I went over to Emily, Valerie and Lizzie’s (EVL) house for American pancake brunch. For everyone who doesn’t know, Europe doesn’t know how to make pancakes. If you ask for pancakes, you get crepes. Don’t get me wrong, I love crepes, but every now and then I miss the fluffy goodness of REAL pancakes. Since the four of us were the only ones in town that weekend, we thought pancakes were a perfect pre-midterm meal.
I also developed a scary bump on my thigh. Remember when I went out to the hot springs last week? Well something bit me. At first I wasn’t concerned with it until I saw how massive it got after I scratched it. Basically it doubled in size in a week. All sorts of questions were going through my mind:
Is this a mosquito bite?
Did the mosquito carry west nile?
What if this is a tick bite?
Did the tick have lyme disease?
Am I gonna have to give up alcohol because it interferes with the medicine lyme disease patients take?
This last question made me cry inside. After I freaked myself out I did some more research on bug bites. I’m pretty sure it only grew because I scratched it so much. I’ve been putting hydrocortisone cream and ice on it all day and it looks and feels much better. Crisis averted.
Everyone at Five Club!
Since we had such a boring week studying for midterms and whatnot, we were in much need of a night out.A new club opened up in Granada, Five Club (how original) that specializes in playing hip-hop, funky house and R&B. It’s quite small but they played the best music that I’ve heard in a club so far. It was free to get in (the only time we’ll go out is when it’s free) and there was free tinto and beer til 2 a.m. We stayed til about 3:30 and Lauren and I got Doner Kebab’s by our house and went to sleep.
I woke up at the early hour of noon-thirty and did absolutely nothing. The day after a joyous night of dancing is usually followed by a day of complete laziness. I did muster up enough energy though to go grocery shopping and to spin class.
I should have mentioned earlier that the Spanish national team was in Granada this weekend playing the Czech Republic. I heard tickets we’re reasonably cheap (about 30 euros) but buying these tickets would have required me camping out overnight and I was not about to get mugged in my sleep on the streets of Granada, so we settled for watching the game on TV.
Our friend Ariel invited Lauren and I to go to a bar to watch the game. They put up a bunch of tents and a big screen at the Palacio de los Congresos, so we just walked over there instead. Spain won of course, which was good because I was worried if they lost, people would start an angry mob and stab people in the streets. You don’t mess with Europeans and their football. It’s just as important as their mother and their first-born child.
Palabra del día: Another phrase: Soy la leche, which is the Spanish translation of “I’m the shit.” It could also be taken in a more derogatory term, that I assume you could all guess what that means.

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