Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Monkey on Your Back is the Latest Trend

Due to the end of class/start of finals, I’ve had little time to sit and write about the end of days here in Granada.
Last weekend, Lauren, Lizzie and I decided to head to Gibraltar. I figured it seems like a cool place to go and it was now or never because I don’t think I would ever make a trip out here again just to see Gibraltar.
We got up at the early hour of 5 a.m. to get to the train station in time for our 6:50 departure. Four hours later and about a half hour quest for a functioning ATM, we crossed the tar mat into Gibraltar.
We started out by eating a delicious hamburger from a little stand and then stumbled on a tour group that takes you up the rock to see the all the caves and stuff. The whole tour was an hour and a half, which was great for us because we only had about three hours of real exploring before we had to leave.
The little bump in the mist is Africa!!!
We started out at a spot where you could see Africa. There were a lot of clouds and fog so I could only see the outline of the Mountains, but it still counts! We continued to St. Michael’s Caves, which were cool, but not as cool as Carlsbad in NM. After the caves we made it to the top of the rock where we got to, literally, have a monkey on our back! We finished up at the tunnels and watched a plane take off. 

Side note: these little monkey bastards pretty much rule the rock. The British have a saying that as long as there are monkeys on the rock, they will never give Gibraltar to Spain. So they pretty much get to do whatever they want. After we got out of the tunnels, Lauren, Lizzie and I were leaning against the railing of the observation deck. All of a sudden there was this precious little baby monkey hanging out on the railing. He had a look in his eye that said, “I wanna mess around.” He decided to do this by jumping/attacking Lizzie. He latched on and smacked Lizzie In the neck before she flung him off. As I was laughing hysterically, I tripped over a monkey before getting pooped on by a bird. It was a good day.
We finished up in Gibraltar souvenir shopping and eating fish n’ chips. We go back into Granada just in time for the spectacle that is Eurovision. For those of you who don’t know, Eurovision is a song contest between the Europeans/countries close to Europe. It’s basically a joke because the majority of the contestants are awful and have no talent whatsoever. For example, Moldova wore gnome cones on their heard while a girl wore fairy wings and rode a uni-cycle around the band. Some random country called, azerhanfjkfjeb, won (yes I know what the name is but I refuse to call it by it’s proper name).
I have nine days left in this amazing place. I’m not ready to leave.

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