Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Perfect Paella: Take 1

My friends and I are on a quest to find the best paella in Granada. For anyone who doesn’t know, paella is a mixture of rice and traditionally seafood, but you can add chicken, pork or vegetables. Next to Gazpacho, it’s one of the most popular dishes in Spain. We’ve tried a few other places, and it’s been good, but we haven’t found one that is knocks our socks off delicious.
There are a few things to know about ordering paella. The longer it takes for the paella to get to you table, the better. If the food takes awhile it means that the chef was taking the time to cook the paella so it’s hot ‘n fresh when it get to your table. We’ve also been weary to try places with different picture of the varieties they make because that is usually a sign that the paella is pre-packaged and frozen so it probably tastes like the food that gets stuck in the drain after you do dishes.
Anyway after class we went to a place called Café Cristobal. Paella was on the menu del día that day and out of all the paella dishes I’ve had, this one had the best flavor. It consisted mostly of clams, squid and baby octopus, but they could’ve been a little more generous with the seafood and there were no vegetables. Overall I give it a 7 out of 10.

Afterwards Lizzie led us to a place that had the best gelato I’ve had since I’ve been here at a place called Heladeria Tiggiani. I got a scoop of Leche Merengue and it was just like natillas in frozen form.
So we’re eating our ice cream talking about the randomness of our lives in Granada and out of nowhere, this guy with braces and dreadlocks comes up to us.
Weird dude: Hey, uhhh, do you guys uhhh, wanna, ummm, do you want some uhh marijuana?
Everyone at once: No.
After what happened yesterday, things like this shouldn't surprise me anymore.
Palabra del día: Dibujar, meaning to draw. Today in class I was brave enough to volunteer and she told me to draw on the board, and I had no idea what she was saying and it took me about five minutes to figure out what I needed to do. I'm a star student.

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  1. I love Paella :) I'm so jealous that you are in Spain. I lived in Salamanca & Madrid; absolutely loved it. In April I'll be going to the Canary Islands. Go to as many festivals as you can :) Hope you are having a great time.



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