Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's a fake, a real Chinese fake here...

So these past few days have been pretty uneventful. After coming home from Madrid I got a cold. I really hate getting sick in countries that don't have the specific medicine/vitamins I need. I'm down to my last few packs of emergen-C and I had no idea where to find more. I tried the big department store here that has a variety of stuff, but it's hella expensive. Anyway I found a pack of fizzy immunity vitamins that were 18 euro for a 20 pack. Yeah I refuse to pay money for that. So I went down to the grocery area and found a 20 pack of regular vitamin C for only 2 euro. Jackpot!!!

Speaking of money, I decided I need to finally plan a budget. One of the only mistakes I made coming out here was that I only came for a semester, instead of a year. This means most of my out-of-Spain traveling will need to take place after school ends. After a few hours of calculating I came up with a plan to stay here for a couple of extra weeks. Once my lease ends in May, I want to go to (in no particular order) Portugal, Prague and Paris. Then I'm planning on going to Milan for a few days to visit my favorite Italians brothers (and no it's not Mario and Luigi). Then find a cheap flight from another major city to Detroit and visit a friend in Michigan for the weekend. So for everyone who's been wondering, my tentative date of arrival in NM is:


For suspense purposes, this is outside the CLM

June 20th

So now that I'm a budget this means that I can't eat the delicious sweet things I get at bakeries or pastry shops when ever I feel like it. One every two weeks. Which makes Ashley a sad panda, but it'll be worth it to see all these other places!

Since we didn't have school on Monday, the CLM is making us make up the day on Friday. Apparently in Spain, when a teacher misses class or we get a day off of school, you have to make it up like we used in grade school. Lame.

It's especially lame because I have to make up a class at 8:30 on a Friday morning! I also have this class on Wednesday, so when I went to class today, after talking about fake Chinese things, my teacher decided to give us a wonderful gift:

Cueto: "So I know we're supposed to have class on Friday, but it interferes with my schedule, so just submit this homework to me by Saturday."

Best. News. Ever.

Now I can go to El Camborio tomorrow night and not have to worry about leaving early!

Palabra del día: Madrugada. The time of day between midnight and 6 a.m. Since it is currently the time of madrugada, I'm gonna go to bed.


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