Monday, March 28, 2011

Why I love Granada in Photos

Back home, I’m not a runner, but the gym isn’t opened on Sundays and I usually don’t wake up in time to go to the gym Saturday morning so I opted for a run around the river, which is simply gorgeous!
You know how in Yes Man when Zooey Deschanel’s character teaches that running/photography class? Well I decided to try taking pictures on my run Saturday. Turns out its as ridiculous as it sounds. I was not coordinated enough to take the picture as I was running so there was a lot of starting and stopping involved.

Also, there are always random animals hanging out in the city, for example this donkey was in front of the church all afternoon. Later on Saturday night, this crazy guy was riding him all over the plaza, then parked him outside a bar while he had a drink:
Sunday we went on a hike. Basically we followed the road past El Camborio until it ended. Then we went back and took a detour up a hill. 

Street art

The ever infamous Alhambra

It's weird to see El Camborio in the daytime


Overlooking Granada


Near our piso!

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  1. Nice report about Granada! I like so much this city, in fact I have been there quite a few times, I had an English boyfriend for more than two years, he lived (and lives)there and I used to go to see him and I took lot of photographs in all my visits! It is really one of my Spanish favourite cities, xoxo


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