Monday, February 14, 2011

Día de San Valentin

  Today is Valentine’s Day and I feel great. This is a big revelation for me because every year it’s just a huge reminder that I am alone, but these past few weeks have really made me think about life and love.
When I got here I was really hoping that the Spaniards don’t buy into all the commercialism that Valentines Day brings. However, no such luck. Back during the first week I was here, the hotel that Lauren’s mom and cousin stayed at wasted no time decorating the stairs with rose petals as soon as January ended.
Lately though I have had a change in heart. If I was with someone, I wouldn't be able to have this amazing adventure. It’s quite refreshing to not have to worry about someone back home or worry that what I’m doing would damage a relationship. I enjoy my freedom and I want to milk it as long as I can, because this is the only time in my life I can do whatever I want and not worry about someone holding me down.
 The first thing people said to when I told them I was coming to Spain for the semester was “Have you seen Taken?” Apparently everyone doubted my ability to take care of myself and thought would go places with random strangers. Well just to let everyone know I don’t plan on it.

The second thing they told me was “I hope you find a hot Spaniard.” Well after my experience this weekend, this is easier said than done.
Let me fill you in on an important piece of information: Spanish men are hella short. That’s one thing I can’t deal with. I like my men to be taller than me.
They’re also really feminine looking and I can’t tell who’s really gay and who just seems gay. It’s definitely a change from cholo-homies and frat boys.
So if you haven’t guessed yet, Lauren and I finally went to our first club in Granada and we had a great time! I love the nightlife here by the way. In Albuquerque, everything closes at 2 a.m. here, clubs don’t even get started until 2 and you don’t go home until 6 a.m! It’s quite an adventure to say the least.
We got in free because we're awesome and put our names on the guest list. Drinks were expensive though so we have to remember drink before we go out or else we’ll be broke.
Basically Lauren and I were the tallest people. I’d say about 5 percent of the guys there were taller than me, but everything worked out fine. Lauren and I danced with a couple of people and had some good wholesome fun!
Palabra del día: tiquismiquis which means picky. We had a class assignment to think of work that would be hard for people to guess, and this was a pretty good one. I thought this has something that had to to with tropical rainstorms or bed bugs or something else that was ridiculous sounding.

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  1. Very smart words about Saint Valentine's Day, I truly agree with you!


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