Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yo quiero un whopper

So even though we're 90% settled in Granada, we had one of the most busiest days since we've been here.

List of Errands Today:
1. Buy phones
2. Find a mattress pad
3. Buy Groceries/Cleaning Supplies
4. Clean the apartment
4. Do anything else that would be fun...

So all that was easier said than done. After we got our phones we walked up and down the street so I could find a mattress pad. The mattress in my apartment is terrible and I can feel every spring in that thing. Lets just say, explaining what a mattress pad in Spanish is not too easy. After the third store we went into we finally found one. On the way up the street we conveniently passed by a cleaning supplies store.

Once we got back to the apartment we started cleaning. Even though this is the nicest place we looked at, it was dusty, sticky and smelled like old lady perfume. You can tell that Emily from Finland, the girl who also lives here, is way more domestically challenged than I am. I don't think she's ever used a broom in her life. So we swept, mopped, washed dishes, cleaned toilets and set out good smelling stuff.

We needed to go buy groceries and decided to drive to a further store. Let me just say for anyone who wants to travel in Europe, never rent a car. It's too hard to drive here, the streets are too confusing. So after we almost got lost and accidentally entered the exit of the parking garage we made it to the store and bought way too much food. Once we got home we put the food away and immediately left again because we needed to take the car back to Lauren's mom's hotel.

So we were feeling pretty good. We didn't get lost, and we went down all the right ways on the streets. We got to the parking garage and found out it was full. We backed out, went to three other garages until we found a teeny-weeny spot in a random little parking area. Due to the massiveness of our car, Gloria had to maneuver the car for 15 minutes to pull into the spot. Now I know what it feels like to be on the Amazing Race.

By this time, we hadn't had anything to eat for about 12 hours so we decided to be lazy Americans and go to Burger King.

BK guy: Hola
Me: Hola, you quiero un numero uno con queso y patatas y fanta piña, para llevar por favor.

Translation: Hi, I want a number one with cheese with french fries and pineapple fanta, to go please.

This was the first time I've ordered in Spanish in a complete sentence, which gives me hope that I one day I can seduce Enrique Iglesias with my beautiful Latin words ;-)


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