Friday, April 15, 2011

Galavanting across Spain!

Before I start the real story I want to tell you about what happened to me on Tuesday. Apparently my friend Bryce and I can’t hang out in our own because for some odd reason that always means we’re gonna run into the Dutchman.

Tuesdays are usually group lunches at the comedor, but they were serving something sketchy and everone els from the group was being lame and bailed. So Bryce and I decided to go to our favorite sandwich shop, Greens and Berries, to get sandwiches and smoothies.

Bryce’s sandwich took a really long time to make and while were waiting some guy walks in. I took a double take and it was none other than the Dutchman. Now here starts the polite but awkward pleasantries that I really did not want to partake in.

Me: Hey how are you?

Dutchman: Good what have you been up to?

Me: just school and travel. How’s you art going? How did that show at the bar go?

Dutchman: I didn’t sell anything. I guess no one at the bars care to look at good art.

Me: That sucks. (Secretly laughing inside)

Dutchman: *points to Bryce* Is this your boyfriend

Me: No. (Thinking back though I should have said yes just to see how he’d react.)

Dutchman: Are you getting homesick?

Me: Not really. I was a little sad when it hit two months, but I’m fine.

Dutchman: So you aren’t throwing up, crying out your mother’s name *throws his head back and makes fake crying noises*

Ummm…. WTF? Who say’s that? It makes no sense. Why would I throw up? It really creeped me out. Besides the fact that he looked really old this time, that one sentence made me feel so grateful that I did not get involved with him. Of course Bryce’s sandwich was still not ready so we all just stood there really awkward in the tiny shop. As all this was going on Bryce is smiling and giggling to himself.

Anyway the big story is that Lauren, myself and our other friends are going on a weeklong adventure for spring break to Sevilla and Barcelona!!! We’ll be in Sevilla tonight through Monday afternoon. Then Lauren, Valerie and I branch off from the group and we head to Barcelona til Thursday! It’s gonna be great!!!

However, I’ll have limited computer access and I won’t be able to blog til next Thursday. Sad I know, but I’m gonna try to write as much as possible when I get back.

Nippy is equally excited! These will probably be the best photos he takes so far!

PDD: Hasta Luego! See you later!!!

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  1. I hope all of you (Nippy included of course!) are having a great and exciting time in Seville and Barcelona, take a lot of photos to post them here later! Kisses,


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