Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tapas Tour: Take 2

Lizzie, Bryce and I continued our quest for delicious Tapas last night. We’ve had this assignment for a while and we still needed two more places to go in our designated area.
The first place we went to is called Reca. We were gonna go this place the first night, but it was super crowded and we didn’t want to stand in the rain.
Lizzie had diet coke, Bryce had a beer and I had tinto de verano. SIDE NOTE: Spaniards prefer to drink tinto de verano rather than sangria. It tastes the same to me, but I think the big difference is that sangria has fruit and tinto doesn’t.

The waiter brought us our drinks and our tapa: Mini ravioli in a creamy alfredo-like sauce with ham bits on top. I’m not sure what was inside the ravioli, but it was good. I think its was just cheese, but who knows. There may have been some ham mixed in it as well. Overall it was a 3 out of 5. 
 Lizzie and Bryce Enjoying their drinks
We continued on our journey to Poe, the best place in Granada to get Tapas!!! Poe is run by a guy from the UK and his Jamaican wife. It’s very popular with all the students. My favorite thing about Poe is that you can choose your tapas and they are all equally delicious. My favorites are the beef and pineapple skewer and the coconut chicken. They also have really good deals. A bottle of wine for 11 Euros comes with six tapas. If you’re splitting the bill with one or two people that’s a great way to save money. We weren’t exactly sure if Pose is in our jurisdiction, but it’s so good that we decided to add it anyway. 

 Delicious coconut chicken =P

 Black Bean Soup mmmmm!!!

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