Sunday, January 23, 2011

On my way...

Welcome to my first blog. As time goes by my entries will get a lot more interesting, but you have to start somewhere.
So right now we're in the Atlanta airport doing a lot of nothing. We walked around the airport for about an hour looking for a place to eat because we're a bunch of indecisive women. Interesting thing about the Atlanta airport: when I ordered a drink they didn't ask for my ID. Too bad I'm already at the point where the thrill is gone lol.

Also, as a shameless promotion for my UNM club, Collegiate Kiwanis, they let me take our mascot, Nippy M Kat to Spain. So he's gonna be acompany me on my adventures. Hopefully I don't look too crazy carrying around this stuffed guy.

Also, for everyone at UNM if you want to know more about Collegiate Kiwanis check out our facebook page and out website:!/pages/UNM-Collegiate-Kiwanis/192779259127

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