Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally here...

So I have never been happy to be somewhere. We have been traveling for over 30 hours and have spent about 3-4 of them lost. However, I know I'm gonna look back on this in a few months or a year and laugh.

So our flight from Atlanta to Madrid was delayed almost an hour, but over all it wasn't bad. The plane was half full so we were able to stretch out and rest better. We got in about 9:30 am here and were able to get out of passport control and the airport fast.

Driving was a totally different experience. Let me just say all internet map sites are total crap. We spent an hour driving around Madrid because we couldn't find the right exit. However, we did learn that Lauren can't navigate and I'm pretty bad-ass at getting us our of Madrid...

Gloria: where do I go?
Lauren: We need to find the sign to Cordoba
Me: There it is! Cordoba!! TURN RIGHT! There's a car behind us AHHHGJSDBGKJBEWIK!!!

Four hours later, we arrived in Granada, which turned out to be worse than getting lost in Madrid. This is the most confusing place I've ever been. There are no street signs, the streets are super small and car are darting out willy-nilly in the streets. At first getting lost was suppose to be "fun" but once it got dark three hours later, we were all just pissed off. We ended up going down the wrong way street before we finally found the parking garage next to the hotel.

Now we are all super tired and smell like old airplane so right now showering is a must.

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