Thursday, January 27, 2011

We're not homeless!!!

So thanks to Jesus, the Jewish God, Allah and Tom Cruz's witchcraft, we finally found a place to live due to my awesome suggestion skills!!! After all the searching and calling and looking at everything that wasn't up to our standards and finding places that seemed hopeful but weren't, things have fallen into place.
So we looked at three yesterday that were either too small, had no internet or no one else living there. We called a place that seemed amazing, but there was only one room available. We called people who didn't answer and looked for more online.  By the time all of this was all over we were exhausted, our feet hurt and on the verge of tears.
We started off fresh today but the first place was too expensive. Then we had another appointment at an apartment that Lauren didn't want at first but, we were too desperate not to consider it.
Turns out it was really nice. The landlady is a sweet grandmotherly person, who speaks only Spanish and french, but she already loves us! It's a four bedroom apartment, two bathrooms, with a living room, kitchen, washing machine, microwave and a place to hang out clothes. There's a girl from Finland living there, who we haven't met yet, and the other room should be filled soon, so we'll have friends here lol. There's a beautiful view and a small balcony. Everything we need food-wise is close by. There's a mercado, and a couple of specialty fruit markets, restaurants, cafes and and Irish pub right next door! They advertise that they show American sports every night so that will come in handy when we want to watch the super bowl.
The only problem is that there is no internet connection. Luckily, there's an internet cafe right next door and free wi-fi at the college. So we can still get things done =D
We move in tomorrow and then we're going to decide if we want to get a phone or not. School things are taken care of. Now we can relax, breathe easy and start enjoying Granada!

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