Friday, February 11, 2011


This is my new favorite food: buñuelos. Basically they're just fried mini donuts covered in chocolate. I like them better than the churros even though it's pretty much the same thing except in a different shape. They are also what motivated me to finally join a gym while I'm here.

I also have  new favorite drink. The 1 euro margarita at a Restaurant called Cantina Mexicana. Last night Lauren and I went our with the New Mexicans for dinner and drinks. The margaritas were small and I don't think there was that much alcohol in them, but it was too good of an offer to pass up.

Afterward, a few of us decided to go dancing, but that failed. So we went to the pub, Hannigan's, outside our house to listen to a bunch of drunk people sing karaoke.  It was hilarious at first, but when the guy in the turtle neck started singing "don't you want me baby" it was time to leave. The best part of that night though was when some short guy tried to talk to Lauren and she completely shut him down and walked out of the bar.

We went home at the respectable hour of 3 and woke up at noon.

So out of all my classes I think I'm gonna enjoy My Latin American Culture class because we learn so much useful information, plus it's easy! Yesterday I learned there is only 5 continents instead of 7. North and South American are 1 and Antarctica doesn't count since no one lives there!

Also, In Spain, it's is considered very rude to yawn and stretch in public. Which we all thought was stange.

Maria José: Yes, be careful becasue Spaniards think that's very rude.
Raquel: Well I think it's rude that people don't move out of your way on the sidewalk. *everyone laughs* I'm not talking about the small one outside I'm talking about the one on recojidas. (Raquel also talks with a ghetto southern accent, which made the statement even more hilarious. So picture the "hide your wife guy" saying that and that's what it sounded like.)

You see the the one thing I've notice and don't like it that the Spanish don't move out of people way or say excuse me when the bump into you. I've gotten used to it, but I think that's way more rude than yawning in public.

I also learned that España means "land of the rabbits." Which is weird since I haven't seen a single rabbit or wildlife critter since I got here. That's also going to double as my palabra del día, because I'm still tired and I'm about to go meet a friend.

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