Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ella vende besos en un burdel

 This was taken from the top of my apartment complex. ¿Que bonita, no?
When it comes to boiling water on the stove Lauren and I are a little slow. The stove we have is not as strong as the one I'm used to in the U.S. Sunday night, the pot I chose was too big so we had to replace it.

Monday night I decided to boil the rest of our eggs. I really miss eating eggs in the morning, but I'm too tired and too lazy to fry them before I go to school. So we decided to boil some and eat them in the morning. I put the pot on the stove before taking a shower and Lauren was going to watch them.

Lauren: "Ashley, why do you always pick the biggest pots?"
Me: "Well that's the one we used last night."
Lauren: "It's too big. It'll take forever to boil."

So she switches pots. When I was out of the shower I hear her yell, "oh shit."

Me: "What's wrong?"
Lauren: "There's a hole in the bottom of this pot. There's water everywhere."

So I took this time to have little chuckle. Another thing we can add to the list of things we did wrong that day. I go over to check the pot and there's no hole on the bottom. Both of us are examining this pot for the mysterious "hole." I start laughing because I don't see anything and Lauren starts laughing cause she doesn't know where the holes are. After a few minutes of thorough staring, we realize the holes are at the top of the pot, where the handle screws should be. We laugh even harder and put the water in the original pot that I picked out ;-)

Tuesday classes were not as exciting as Monday's. I feel that my grammar class is pretty much a joke. It's basically a reiew of every single spanish class I've had at UNM.


The only difference it that we really make an effort to speak only in Spanish, which is what I really need to learn.

Last night Lauren and I had our late class, Culture of Latin America. I know what you're thinking: Why are you taking a Latin America class, when you're in Spain? The simple answer is we got screwed and with the exception of Geography of Spain, it was the only left. Yesterday was our friend, Antonio's birthday. So after class, we went out with him and his roommate, Alberto, for drinks and tapas.

I learned some more information about tapas. The more drinks you order, the better the tapas get. We started out with this stew with meat and garbanzo beans. Alberto ordered another beer and the waiter brought out shrimp and olives. I order another glass of rioja (my favorite red wine so far) and he brought our chicken wings and bread. So lesson learned, if I wanna eat tapas all night I just have to drink a lot!

Palabra del día: burdel, meaning brothel. In our Latin America culture class, we listened to this really cheesy Spanish song, which is where the title of my blog came from. It's about a guy from New York who falls in love with a prostitute from Cuba and they run away to Paris. Que romántico lol

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