Monday, February 7, 2011

Shopping Challenged

 Lauren and I learned another very important lesson: do not go grocery shopping on Sunday’s because the stores are closed. We started our day late again and went out about 2 p.m. We already knew that merchandise stores were closed, but we thought grocery stores stayed open during siesta. Not on Sunday unfortunately. We were disappointed, but we took the time to walk around and see the river and explore some parts of the city we haven't seen. Luckily, the convenience store where the cute Spanish guy works was open, so we bought just what we needed for dinner last night.
A while later we ran into our friend form UNM, Antonio. We decided to go find the bookstore that sells books in English. However, we forgot again that it’s Sunday and nothing is open. We walked a little further up the street and found a café so we just decided to have coffee and talk. 

Today was the first day of class, and in typical Ashley-fashion, I planned my outfit the night before, I got up early and I was the first person in the classroom. The nerd in me will never die.

I had my politics of Spain class first thing at 8:30 and then I had a three-hour break until my Spanish oral and writing class.  So far I like it a lot and it seems easier than classes at UNM.
I also like class here more because I learn useful things in class. For example, in Spanish class we learned that when you order Tapas, you only order beer or wine with your food. Mixed drinks are reserved for after you eat. You wouldn’t lean something like that in the U.S.

After I finished class, Lauren and I decided to try grocery shopping and failed again today. We walked about ten minutes away from our house only to realize that there was a closer store two minutes away.That would have been nice to know earlier since I ended up carrying everything since Lauren for got her shopping bags.
Anyway today’s palabra del día is an easy one, cansada. Soy cansada because I had to wake up three hours earlier than I’m used to 0_o Don’t confuse it with the similar word, casada, which means you’re married lol.

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