Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I've been in Spain for ten days now and you can definitely tell the difference between US and Spain. There's things I like and other things kinda suck...

I can't understand how no one in Spain is fat. I've see very few obese people and the overweight ones are usually old. Everyone's so carb-drunk here, and they eat bread like their life depended on it. For example, yesterday we had churros with chocolate for breakfast. For lunch we had giant baked potatoes. For dinner we had pasta accompanied by a giant basket of bread. Granted, yesterday was a little excessive but a basket of bread comes with every meal we've had. And it's not cute little rolls, they're big-ass loaves, which of course just makes me want to eat more. There's hardly any whole grain here either. It's suck though because it's cheap and I need to save money ya know? They walk everywhere here though, but from what I've seen in restaurants and stores, you would have to walk to Madrid to burn all those calories off. I'm starting to think when we're all born God looks down and says "oh they're American, I think I'll just give them fat genes."

By the way, churros are super delicious. When you order one you don't just order on long, skinny one (that's what she said lol) but it comes with a couple smaller ones. They also aren't flavored so you buy some chocolate to dip them in. Eating them though will turn you into Kathy Bates.

Another thing is that they have weird alcohol laws here. Clubs and bars stay open all hours of the night, but if you wanna buy alcohol make sure you plan early because it's illegal for the stores to sell alcohol after 10pm. We went to the convenience store last night and Lauren's mom tried to buy beer and the hot guy behind the counter told us about this ridiculous law. WTF? I don't understand why you can be 18 to drink, get drunk until six in the morning, yet you can't buy alcohol after 10.

But one of my new favorite things is Spanish TV. Lauren and I couldn't figure out how to work the TV and the only station we had for awhile was the Disney channel. There's this Spanish teen telenovela Called Petito Feo, which I think is too racy for kids, but it's super addicting. From what I understood after watching one episode is that there's this girl pretending to be a nun who enters salsa competitions and she hates some other girl. Even though she's a nun or a nun student she's in love with some guy with terrible hair. Then there's some hot older guy who loves this one woman, but another cougar is trying to score with him... I have to keep watching to find out what happens.

So even though we live in a really convenient place, there are some things that I wish we could fix. We don't have internet and I miss getting online whenever I feel like it. The hot water runs out in 10 minutes so you have to wash fast. The door to the washing machine is hard to open. Lauren and i spent about 15 minutes trying to get her clothes out lol. But at the end of the day, the benefits outweigh the cons =D

I hate to say it, but I miss wal-mart. I like having everything I need in one store and I like having options. everything here is so basic that it's one thing or nothing. However it is nice to get away from the excess that I'm used to. I have a lot less clutter so it makes me feel more calm lol.  

Lauren's mom and cousin left today, so we're truly on our own now. We may be getting new roommates, but we'll see.  Lauren has a load of laundry in so we're gonna see how long it takes us to open the door haha.

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