Saturday, February 5, 2011

Would you like a Crisp?

So since we've been here, Lauren and I have been acting like spinsters and going to bed at the early hours of midnight, while everyone else in the city is staying out til at least 3am lol. So after we made a delicious dinner of lomo, ensalada y patatas we got ready to go to a party at our friends Lizzie and Valerie's place. On our way we almost got lost, but it turns out they live off the street we had tried to park the car for 15 minutes last week.

Lizzie and Valerie live with a girl from Argentina, Marianela and a girl from the UK, Emily. We wanted to be good guests so we brought over Granada's finest beer, Alhambra, but they were generous enough to share all the alcohol they had =D. Marianela's husband, Ben, who's visiting from Ireland, made fantastic drinks all night! We were some of the first people who were there and then cam in a whole bunch of Spaniards. I tried to talk to a few people but my conversation skills are still muy mal, but I did alright by my standards.

We also met some other great people, Dionys from France, who is hilarious and reminds me of the foreign exchange students who came to my high school. He was very polite too and offered Lauren and I some crisps. A guy named Juan, who's name I remember by a joke someone told:
"How many Spaniards does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
Callen is another American, but the only one not from UNM. We walked home together since we were all going the same way. She also introduced us to the doner kebab, which I was super stoked about!

Back story: When I went to Germany all I wanted was to get a doner Kebab. We tried getting one in Erfurt, but it was closed. Then, I wanted to get one in Berlin, but I was too distracted by Germany's glorious win against Australia during the world cup and all the partying going on in the streets. So I knew I couldn't miss out since I'm here for so long.

But anyway, it was about 3am and we we're all hungry and luckily the place was open. Let me just say, this is my new drunk food. It's like the European/Arab version of fast food. It consists of chicken, vegetable and cream and picante sauce wrapped in a pita. I think the closest thing I could compare it too is taco bell, so you know it's good!

Another reason this was such a wonderful night was because Lauren and I won not just 1, but 2 games of beer pong!!! It took us about an hour to make the last cup, but we did! This never happens to me, since I'm so bad at it. Now when we go home we might stand a chance!

Yesterday we finally booked our trip to London! It was more expensive than we thought, but still reasonable. Lauren's favorite band is Yellowcard so we got tickets for their concert. We really want to see other things like platform 9 and 3/4 and Westminster Abbey so I can steal a brick just like my Aunt did! 

Palabra del día: Today's palabra is demasiado, meaning too much.

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