Monday, March 14, 2011

Nippy visits London: part I

Since we did so much this weekend in London I decided to split the Nippy pictures into two parts. Here is #1. Also, thanks to my friend, Steven, for helping me out with the pictures!
 In front of Big Ben
Enjoying some delicious fish 'n chips
Big Ben with the London eye in the background
Inside Westminster Abbey
The oldest door in Britain
Part of the Abbey
I forgot what this was lol
Outside the Abbey
Marble Arch
Buckingham Palace
St. James Palace
The National Gallery
I forgot again lol
Parade Grounds
Parade grounds 
The London Eye
Yes this is the Real platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross
Nippy and Steven in a phone booth
the Belfast ship
Tower Bridge
The Tower of London
Stay tuned for part II later on in the week!


  1. Brilliant! as the hip British blokes like to say.

  2. Love London :) I think that first photo that was not labeled is St. Paul's cathedral (but, I'm not really sure about that). Hope you got to go to Hyde Park and Portobello Road. Have fun!!

  3. I am jealous of Nippy, he is in London and I love London, I have been quiet a few times and I would never feel tired of visiting this city and I love fish and chips too, I miss them! Nice week for you and Nippy!


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