Saturday, May 7, 2011

Enseñeme a dougie

Before I post my blog about Rome, I would like tot take the time to share with you a little bit about our Wednesday night.
Since we have less than a month left here in Granada, we decided we have to make the most of our night life here, since it’s pretty much non-existent in NM. Granada 10 is the place to be on Wednesday, but it turned out to be lame.
They do this thing called “free bar” but they really should just call it free juice bar. All they serve until 12:30 is tinto de verano, which is just a wine cooler.
Anyway we killed some time sitting drinking our juice and watching all the other hot messes in the club making out and dancing to bad 80’s music. Finally they played something decent and we went out to dance.
As we’re having a splendid time shakin’ our groove things, Lauren sees a familiar face. It’s none other than her Spanish creeper, Juan, who she met the first time we went to Granada 10. The problem is that she would have preferred to never see him again.
I just thought this was all hilarious. I feel that since I’ve had two awkward run-ins with the Dutchman, it was her turn to have such run-in. Anyway she saw him and pretended that she didn’t, but it was too late because he saw her as well. We decided to be stealth and move to the other side of the tiny dance floor in hopes that he actually didn’t see Lauren.
It was too late though because he followed us.
Juan talking to Lauren: Tu has visto – You saw me
Lauren: Estoy con mis amigos – I’m with my friends
I assume he got the hint because he didn’t bother her the rest of the night.
Anyway we dancing having a good time and then the best thing happened. They played the dougie song!!! You have no idea how happy this song makes me. They hardly ever play it here in Spain because they don’t know how to dougie. They need someone to teach them.
I however had no problem showing off my tragic amazing dougie skills. The Spaniards didn’t know how to respond to this.
Lauren: oh god, Juan’s still here.
Me: that’s okay. I’m still gonna dougie.
 Yesterday was none other than Cinco de Mayo. We took this opportunity to celebrate this wonderful holiday with our Latin American culture class at a Mexican restaurant down the street. We had margaritas, listened to a mariachi man sing El Rancho Grande and last but not least took shots of tequila with our professor!!! Only in Spain…
Afterwards we had a second dinner of nachos at EVL’s house with the rest of our friends.
One more thing: there’s this sketchy/secretive place old people go at night. This place is a self-respecting clothing store by day and then it turns into a mystery place at night. We can’t figure out what it is… strip club? Prostitution ring? Fantasy football league?
What do you think it is?

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