Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday happenings

Sunday evening we went out to Poe to enjoy and nice evening of tapas with friends. This is when Marianela decided to throw a grand pizza party at EVL’s house on Tuesday.
We ordered 6 pizzas for 12 people, which was way too much pizza for everyone. We sat around with our little food babies for a while until midnight when we decided to get ready to out.
Last night we went to a club called Mae West. Even though it was Tuesday, it was free to get in and that’s something we don’t pass up. The whole place is a western theme with posters of old Hollywood actors and movies all around the club. It is also conveniently located in the Mall near EVL’s house.
Yes. The mall. 0_o

It was actually really fun which was good because I heard a lot of mixed reviews about it. You either love it or hate it. At first the music was really good, then they started playing a whole bunch of Spanish songs that I couldn’t dance to. It was also slim pickings that night (but let’s be real here, it always is).
Mae West is a place that you have to dress up to go to. I wore a cute black, white and teal strapless dress with my cute (but painful) black heals. Due to my three inches height increase, I was a full head taller than almost every guy there. Not only that, but I noticed a lot of old guys there. Definitely my parents age or older, 50+. 

There was also this little man who wouldn’t stop hogging the dance floor and rubbing up against my back when he danced. Here we were, the five of us, trying to dance in a circle pressed in the corner, while this Spanish smurf and his other small fry friend were moving all over the place like douche bags. I finally got tired of him so I just elbowed him out of the way. He did not like this.
Me: *making a circle around my body* Mi espacio!
Smurf: *Gives me a dirty look* No me jodas!
Anyway here we are having a good time and all of a sudden some other douche bag comes into the circle trying to dance with us. He starts doing all these crazy moves like he broke his back or something. He had a friend come up to us to talk him up.
Spanish girl: Os gusta?
Me: uhhhhhhhhhh…
SG: muy guapo no?
Me: ummmmmmmmm….
I honestly wasn’t in the mood to meet any more guys. Plus he was drunk. No me gusta…
So it’s getting down to the nitty-gritty of my time here in Granada. I have a week and a half left of real class and my last final is the 24th. My last day here in Spain is the 30th.
I have a lot of mixed emotions about going home. I’m really anxious to see all my family and friends back home, but I know a week into real life I’ll be missing the life I’ve created for myself here. Last night, after we left the club, Lizzie and I were talking on her porch:
Lizzie: It’s funny how quick a place can feel like home.
This is so true. I’ve only been here about four months but it seems like so much longer. The truth is I can really see myself making a life here. It’s big enough that it fulfills my big city dreams, but small enough that I don’t feel overwhelmed. The weather for the most part is great and it’s very comfortable. Of course I have no idea how I could work or support myself, and everyone I hang out with is leaving. I would have to go through the long and annoying process of making a new group of friends and that just sounds exhausting.
Even still, I’m going to be really sad to leave this place. I’m happy here and I don’t have to worry about the stupid things that are going on at home. I know as soon as I get home, I’m gonna have to work to find the place where I belong again.


  1. meh también :(

    don't give have two weeks to find a Spaniard above 5'5" :)

  2. hahaah I would prefer one over 5'10" lol

  3. Oh, that's sad that your leaving... I was so sad when I had to leave too. But, your right; if you stayed, it would not be the same because the people you know, would not be there. Good luck to you and hope you continue blogging :)


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