Monday, May 16, 2011

Now this is perfect paella...

One of the features of this website is the tool that allows you to see what people type into their search engines to find my blog. The subject “best paella in Granada” keeps coming up. This makes me feel like a phony because the only Granada paella blog I wrote was about the mediocre first course on the menu del dia at Café Cristobal. So I figured I needed to update so people don’t feel cheated.

Friday, we went to a place near the cathedral, El Aguador. Paella was $15 dollars per person, but since we split a disc between three people instead of 2, it was only 10.
It was fabulous to say the least. It had the biggest prawns and mussels I’ve had in paella in a long time. There were plenty of clams, squid and even baby octopus! The only vegetables in the dish were peas, but they mixed in well with the rice and seafood.
However, I feel nothing can top the delicious paella I had in Madrid so I give El Aguador 9 out of 10 points.

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